Hannu Karjalainen (born 1978) is an award winning visual artist, composer, sound artist, photographer and filmmaker based in Helsinki, Finland.

Karjalainen is highly noted for his video installation work, photography and sound art that have been exhibited widely internationally, including UMMA University of Michigan Museum of Art, International Biennale of Photography Bogota, Scandinavia House New York, Fotogalleriet Oslo and Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki.

Karjalainen's latest album Drift is being released by NYC based Kingdoms (curated by Francis Harris) in November 2018. Karjalainen's previous album - the highly acclaimed A Handful of Dust Is A Desert (released on Karaoke Kalk in 2017) - was included on many Best of 2017 charts such as A Closer Listen's Top 20 Albums list. Karjalainen toured his audio visual live show in support of the latest album in late 2017. Karjalainen has collaborated with Simon Scott (of Slowdive), Dakota Suite and Monolyth & Cobalt among others.

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