HD Video projection on wall painting, duration 11´20 minutes

The work is part of my research that concentrates on the perception of colour – what does colour mean, how do we interpret it based on our cultural references? Colours are often harnessed into ideological, political or commercial functions. Can we change the way these colours are used and engage in critical discussion with re-contextualizing colour?

The video installation work Blackpool Pleasure Beach (2009) is based on a colour palette I have made by collecting colours from the logos of budget airlines – such as the distinct orange of Easy Jet – using 11 different colours representing 11 airlines worldwide. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a tourist beach in Blackpool, a town on the west coast of England whose economy is strongly relying on tourism. Blackpool’s golden age was in the first half of 20th century and since then it has been struggling with declining traffic of tourists, as the arrival of cheap airtravel is luring british tourists to Mediterranean countries. Today Blackpool is facing another threat, the global warming, which causes the sea level to rise and threatens to devour it’s beaches. Our actions, including the increased air-travel aided by cheap prices, have been claimed to contribute to the global warming and thus also to what might happen to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the future.

In the installation, the airline colours are painted in a grid on the wall, and a video projection of waves breaking on the Blackpool beach is projected on top of the wall painting. The video is also tinted with the same colours used to make the painting, and the colours in the video change over time, making it appear as if the colours of the painting behind it are constantly changing.