See also Daemon (various techniques)

Year: 2020
Technique: 4k video, stereo sound
Duration: 12 minutes, 01 seconds

The Daemon (Greek: daimon, guardian spirit) series of works stems from reflections on the future of humankind and its relationship with nature. 

For the Daemon series, Karjalainen gathered materials and litter from the shores of the Baltic Sea, building them into images using a flatbed scanner and various experimental scanning techniques. In the images, the organic and synthetic materials transform into colourful, interwoven mass.

Karjalainen’s film Daemon (2020) navigates the ground between real and unreal, abstract and absurd as it unravels online comments of trolls criticising climate action. Running on the logic of a dream or a nightmare, the film stirs thoughts about the future of humankind. Will we be able to act as a united front in the face of a disaster or will we become paralysed, waiting for some supernatural force to step in? 

Installation views from Kunsthalle Turku, 2020

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