A strange luminescence (2020)

4k video with stereo sound (duration 8 minutes 52 seconds)

nightfall (2019-20)

Live audiovisual performance, HD projection and live sound, duration variable

Waveforms and glowworms (2017-18)


a handful of dust is a desert (2017)

Vinyl LP / CD / Download, released by Karaoke Kalk (DE)

The poetics (2017)

Series of photographic prints, variable sizes

RGB (2015)

3x 35mm movie film transferred to HD video / sound

Daemon (2020)

4k video with stereo sound (duration 12 minutes), series of photographs

confiscated dreams (2020)

Series of photographic prints, sizes variable.

Drift (2018)

Vinyl LP / Download, released by Kingdoms (USA)

the garden (2017)

16mm film scanned to HD video, stereo sound