A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert (2017)

Vinyl LP / CD / digital album released on Karaoke Kalk (DE).


Included in A Closer Listen TOP 20 ALBUMS OF THE YEAR 2017

“Uplifting ambient music? Check. But it also had a very real emotional edge, its dream-like and pristine textures flowing like a clear river within its so-called desert, wavering like a thin mirage.”  

“….a splendid work of art” / Featured on “Top Ten Ambient albums 2017” by A Closer Listen

“A Handful Of Dust In A Desert is not an easy album to describe or categorise, and that is exactly the reason for why it feels so relevant. 10/10” -Juno Download

“Eight deeply engrossing instrumentals that will satisfy fans of Max Richter and The Caretaker. 9/10” -The Letter

“Fans of Kompakt pop ambient material, don’t sleep on this” -The Answer Is In The Beat

“…one of my latest ambient favorites. Highly recommended.” -Ear Influxion

“…no less than an ambient paradise…” -A Closer listen

“Easily one of the loveliest things I’ve heard all year” -Beach Sloth

“The crossover between his musical and visual art sensibility is clear and present, as he makes effective use of a diverse range of iridescent synthetics and glistening glock’n’vibra tones to soundtrack a sort of future-basing magic realism” -Igloo Mag

“So liegt denn der Fokus auch immer auf einer bestimmten Stimmung, die er mit cineastisch anmutenden Klängen eindrucksvoll vermitteln kann.” -Westzeit

“From the multilayered piano loops in the short title track to the pop-ambient of A Year In A Day, the sad nostalgic melancholy of Love Is A Black Lion and the yearning vocal loops and threatening pulses in the closing track Breaks My Heart She Aria: this album covers many evocative styles.” -Ambient Blog

“While his previous albums were more rooted in the Experimental/Electronica genre with Electroacoustic influences, “A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert” finds itself more in the Ambient/Electronica field and is a much deeper ,epic, widescreen and lush album. Definitely one to listen to again and again and get repeated enjoyable listens.” -Drifting, Almost Falling

“Alles is van een bijzondere dromerigheid, die zowel herfstige beelden oproept als gewoonweg weet te imponeren door de overrompelende schoonheid.” -Subjectivisten

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