RGB I-III (2015)

RGB I-III (2015) is a series of works exploring the processes and technologies used to produce moving image – and how the audiovisual culture is defined by these devices (and their characteristics). Each work was shot on a single 35mm movie film reel, exposing the film three times, each time through a different coloured filter. The image falls apart as the moving object is never in the same place on all three exposures.

RGB #003 (2015), 35 mm film scanned to HD Video, found voice over. Music composed by Hannu Karjalainen.

RGB #002 (2015), 35 mm film scanned to HD Video. Music composed by Hannu Karjalainen and Ola Szmidt.

RGB #001 (2015), 35mm film scanned to digital

Installation view from Oulu Art Museum, from the exhibition Hannu Karjalainen: RGB, 2015.

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